Laminated tube

Laminated Tube

In order to achieve the long-term goals of the company and meet the needs of society, after four decades of experience in the production of aluminum collapsible tubes and cans, using the most advanced technology in Europe, the use of laminate sheets with the highest quality from the best international companies , benefiting from a printing machine with the ability to illustrate any design and photo along with modern laboratory equipment, production of laminated tubes with pharmaceutical, food and health applications was also included in our product portfolio. Therefore, we are the first manufacturer of laminated tubes with superior direct injection technology and have been able to offer quality and beauty to our customers

Using modern European technology and advanced production machines –

Variety in size and having production facilities of all common sizes –

Ability to use mixed colors and variety of printing with 6 colors –

The ability to produce and use all kinds of caps and variations on the shoulder –

Ability to produce ABL tubes (aluminum barrier layer) –

Equipped with a quality control laboratory with modern equipment –

High quality of raw materials –

Very favorable and varied printing quality using modern machines –

Table of relationship between length, diameter and volume (approx.) in laminate tubes

Different types of caps used in tubes