Aluminium Slug

Production of all kinds of aluminum slugs in various diameters and thicknesses

Plastic Parts

Medical supplies: tablet and cream applicator, tube lid (cap) and spoon

Label Production &Printing

Production of different types of labels and printing of laminate sheets and films.


Aluminum and laminate tube with medicinal, industrial, food, cosmetic and hygienic uses

About us

Jam Darou Industrial Company (Public Joint Stock Company) was established as the first and largest producer of aluminum collapsible tubes in Iran in 1962 and during its six decades of activity has produced billions of aluminum collapsible tubes and cans and supplied them to pharmaceutical, health and food companies. In 2002, with the start of the production line of fully automatic laminated tubes purchased from Switzerland, another part of the need for tubes for the production of cosmetic products, especially toothpaste, was supplied

Jam Darou Industrial Company is currently the most reputable manufacturer of aluminum collapsible tubes, laminated tubes (with aluminum protective layer and polymer protective layer), aluminum slugs, plastic parts included (cream and tablet applicators, medicine spoons and caps), types of labels used in the packaging of pharmaceutical, chemical and food products in accordance with national and international standards


چاپ فلکسوگرافی

چاپ بر روی انواع ورق های لمینیت و لیبل های مورد نیاز صنایع دارویی، آرایشی و بهداشتی

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قطعات پلاستیکی

انواع ملزومات دارویی از جمله کپ، اپلیکاتور و قاشق

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پولک آلومینیوم

انواع پولک های آلومینیومی سوراخ دار و بدون سوراخ در ضخامت ها و قطرهای مختلف

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تیوب آلومینیوم و لمینیت

جدیدترین تولیدات تیوب های آلومینیوم و لمینیت

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 The first and largest producer of aluminum tubes and cans in Iran

 The first producer of laminated tubes with direct shoulder injection technology on the body

For many years, we have made the production of tubes for the pharmaceutical, health and food industries the top priority of our activities and we are proud of it. And, we have tried to take long steps towards fulfilling this task and achieving quality goals and standards of the country’s health sector by using advanced equipment, equipped laboratories, up-to-date executive methods, controlling and directing current processes towards optimum production. Also, the success of receiving standard certifications from the Iranian Institute of Standards, GMP, manufacturing licenses from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, and ISO 2015: ISO 9001 from the German TUV NORD Institute demonstrates such an effort




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